Pallim is an area that was part of the final battleground of the Kaeltian Rebellion. In that last battle, the Great Mage Kings cursed the lands to be forever without rain or Sons. Such a large curse, however, was beyond even them. The great magics keep the vast majority of the water in the clouds, but some still would fall. However, the constant movement of water in the atmosphere is a cause of constant lightning and wind storms, resulting in a mostly barren landscape. The plant and animal life adapted to the effects of the curse, requiring less water and nutrients, but they became monstrous and hostile as well. It is a land where few live, and those who do live in walled and easily defensible outposts.

Pallim is still rich in natural resources, like Granite, Marble, and other types of mineral used to build things.

The people of Pallim were also affected. About 9 out of 10 children born are female. This burden has not been one that the animals have suffered. At first, men were seen as a blessing, something to be praised, but when there weren’t any men, the women had to take charge and save their outposts. Over the next few decades, women assumed the roles that men had previously used. They started paying strong and powerful men to function as breeders, assuring their prolonged survival. Over the next few decades, however, this became closer to slave purchase, and in the current year, they pay off the debts of failed Talden Merchants, using them as breeders and farmers until their debts to Pallim are paid off.

The more numerous women hold the majority of all positions of power, with men, even native men, performing the tasks that the women feel are below them, namely manual labor and the like. Many women are warriors and craftspeople, and few are willing to stand by and let a man do the work for them, especially when chivalry is the cause.


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